About Us

SleepMedix is the 1st ultra modern, fully equipped, state of the art diagnostics and treatment center for sleep disorders in Nigeria.

SleepMedix is a privately-owned facility that provides the latest technology in sleep diagnostics. The environment is personalized, relaxed and simulates a home setting, yet provides the professionalism of a doctor’s office.

The mission of SleepMedix is to increase public awareness of sleep disorders and provide comprehensive high quality care in the field of sleep medicine in Nigeria.

Here at SleepMedix, we focus on patient outcomes and delivering the highest quality care possible. We offer educational services to allied health professionals, as well as ongoing lecture series for our patients and the community at large. Both of these services are completely free of charge.

You can be sure that we will not merely treat the symptoms, but will always strive to optimize therapy and improve your quality of life.


SleepMedix is located in a serene part of Lekki Peninsula scheme 1

SleepMedix is staffed by board certified doctors, and Sleep Technologists.