FAQ - How to prepare for a sleep study

It’s the night of your sleep study. Hopefully, you have followed the directions in your patient packet so that they don’t interfere with the sleep study results. For example, alcohol or caffeine can interfere with your sleep study and should be avoided. Pack a small bag with your pajamas, toothbrush and any other items you will need the next morning. Many patients like to bring their own pillow for better sleep. Our facility is equipped with a bathroom room so you can prepare for your morning after the sleep study.

The hook up process for your sleep study.

Here at SleepMedix, our trained Sleep Technologists are here to make your experience as calming as possible. Once shown your room, the technician will allow you to get yourself ready for sleep. Once you are ready, the technician will go ahead and begin placing a series of EEG leads on your scalp, face, and legs. There are two EKG leads that will be placed on your chest to monitor cardiac activity. The technician will be recording your sleep for the next 6 hours. You may be thinking that this process will make it near impossible to sleep, but be rest assured that you will wake up in the morning from the best night’s sleep you have had in months or maybe years. This information is then interpreted by our affiliate sleep lab in the United States and drafted in a report, which is then sent to our center and your physician for treatment recommendation.