Client Testimonial

“I want to seize this opportunity to thank you and everyone that has facilitated my treatment at SleepMedix. I’m truly grateful to you all. I have just used this CPAP effectively for just three weeks now and I’m already testifying.

Permit me to give my testimony to you all! God is really great! I truly thank and appreciate God for giving humans the brains to manufacture the CPAP device. This device is simply marvelous. My life is meaningful once more. When I wake up in the mornings, I feel very strong and agile, no more early morning headaches, I don’t wake up frequently to pass urine (unlike before, I used to wake up at an average of six times each night to pass urine, before day break) this much waking is even enough distraction from sleep. I’d had to do a comprehensive diabetes test because of this. I don’t even snore anymore, while sleeping at night, my dear wife can testify to this now. She’d really tolerated and accommodated my terrible loud snoring all these years. My blood pressure is normalizing now, I still have to check over the weekend…unlike before now, and my BP is always on the high side.

What is more, no more sleeping on duty, I don’t drink black coffee nor chew kola anymore. I don’t feel sleepy anymore unlike before. I’m more alert to my duties and I concentrate a lot better now. I’m once more, very happy with myself again. My colleagues here in my office can testify to this too!

Now, I drive more often and have no fear of falling asleep on steering. I did quit driving in the past for fear of having a fatal accident, since I’d had near misses, veering off the road, while driving home from work on two occasions. I’m a much happier and livelier person once again.

May God bless you all.”

– June 2014 Patient (Lagos, Nigeria)